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The Zentrum für Umwelt und Gesellschaft e.V., SEED welcomes new NGO members. Our current membership base is a global network of over 200 people representing every region of the world, working on a diverse range of themes and issues. Membership is 1 Euro a month and can be paid for 12 months in advance, and ensures your remaining abreast of the SEED campaign, allows access to the resources, SEED – related meetings; proposed SEED implementation legislation and more.

There are three types of  membership:

  1. General Members: they pay a membership fee every month.
  2. Lifelong Membership: they contribute specially to the development of SEED and its projects.  They need to fulfil a certain process to be granted this type of membership.
  3. Honorary Members: people and organisations who have specially contributed to our cause or development and, or have donated for our social projects will be granted honorary membership. Honorary members have no voting rights.



By filling out an Individual Interest Form, you will be added to our mailing list. Regular updates about the SEED activities are passed through this portal.

Note: Upon request a SEED constitution can also be forwarded.

To apply for a membership please click here.