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Improving Irrigation, Livelihood and Economic Gains

SEED and HEMS for livelyhood development in Nepal

A picture from community based meeting.

Project Name: Improving irrigation, livelihood and economic gains through sustainable production, harvesting and marketing of high value cash crops in Mithila Municipality of Dhanusha District: A Model Project for Terai, Nepal

Project area: Mithila Muniticpality, Dhanusha Nepal

Duration of assignment: 12 months (ongoing)

Organization Involved:

  1. Health and Environmenal Management Society, Nepal
  2. Zentrum Fur Umwelt, Bildung und Gesellschaft e.V. (SEED), Germany

Name of senior staff: Mr. Sunil Pandit

Major Tasks
– Overall management of project and regulation of project activities
– Market mechanism co-ordination and co-ordinate capacity building and skill enhancement trainings
– Consultation with stakeholders

Description of Project:
The major objective of the task was to uplift economic status of indigenous producer groups through provision of technology and skills. The core activities will be provision of information regarding potential market places and locations, facilitating coordination and linkage between indigenous and market players, trainings and capacity development activities, support for establishment of ground water pumping system and/or water storage pons to support for irrigation.

Description of Actual Services Provided by the staff:
As it is an ongoing project, the actual works on building of cross sectoral platform, linkage of potential market to the indigenous farmers has been established.