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Earthquake Victims Support, Nepal

A heavy 7.8-magnitude earthquake has shattered Nepal on Saturday, 25th April for 90 seconds and caused devastating damages in the mountain villages of the Himalaya along with the capital Kathmandu in Nepal.

The earthquake has upset everyone, destroyed a lot and brought big sorrow over the people. Through the continual work and many different projects of the organisation “SEED” step by step there can be seen changes in the issues of environment, education and society, which helps Nepal to overcome the momentous experience.
Many friendships to families have been developed because of regular travels of organisation members to Nepal and the work on-site. Even many people live in safety now, some families and friends still haven’t been reached.
The organisation “SEED” is supporting earthquake victims with rebuilding their homes, the social infrastructure and the economy of the country. With donates and welfares we can ensure, that the people will be helped directly.

Please help us to help with donations!
You can transfer donations to the account of the organisation “SEED” at the Commerzbank.

IBAN: DE18 1204 0000 0137 0949 00 Reference: earthquake help Nepal
(A donation receipt can be made by request)

Do you still have questions? For liaising donations and more information

You can reach us at 030 20679114.

We thank you for your trust and your willingness to help!

Dr. Jay Krishna Thakur
President of the organisation “SEED”